Upcycle Your Favorite Candle

Fun DIY wax Project

If you are like me, you hate to see your favorite candle come to its final hour. It gets to that awkward stage of "just enough wax left to keep hope alive yet not enough wick for life support."

A simple way to repurpose your candle is to make a new, mini candle. You can use another empty vessel or even a clean pasta jar lid to create a small travel tin. Use new wicks that can easily be found sold by the package at the craft store. Use your digital 40 percent off and you get a stack of them for dirt cheap!


Step 1: place your candle on a warmer and let the wax melt.

Step 2: dip the bottom of a new wick into hot wax and affix onto bottom of new vessel that will be the new candle...then allow to dry.

Step 3: after wick is allowed to dry for several minutes, gently pour melted wax from your old candle into the new vessel. Avoid getting wax on the wick and use oven mitts to protect your hands from the heat.

Step 4: hold wick upright for a minute to secure its upright position, then allow to cure for 24 hours. Finally, trim the wick.


Pictured is a silver, decorative container that I refilled and a metal lid for a glass jar. Keep in mind that when you burn the travel tin to place it on a stone coaster to prevent the heat from the metal to burn your table surface. Always use caution and never leave your candle unattended. But who would want to? They bring us cozy comfort and amazing ambience and fragrance. My silver vessel is now filled with Kingdom Scents, GRACE and ready for a new and fresh lease on life! It may get put into a gift basket for an extra gift... Or I may just keep it myself! Happy candle making!




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