It's Fall, Y'all!

With the last heat waves of summer running to hide, we are eager to usher in the new fragrance and beauty of fall. Chalk Full of Love (our favorite mug-maker) posted this Pumpkin Spice photo with all of our favorite yummy treats in it and it stirred our senses. The leaves are beginning to fade and the light of day will find it isn't welcome to stay as long anymore. I love fall and all of its subtle glory. It is a humble season. It whispers to us that winter is coming. This season is like a luxury invitation layered in silk ribbon to prepare us because our King's birthday will soon be celebrated. 

As you begin to think about how you will repurpose your items in your home or retail space, shake off the notion to use scarecrows and orange pumpkins, exclusively. This is the day of the metallic and neutral tones coming to feast at the table of creativity. Break out of the doldrums of oranges, blacks and browns. Get creative! Use candle light, nature and what you already have in your home. 

What about natural elements mixed with glamor? Did you know that a simple mirror adds the sparkle needed to enhance a design? I love the way the Elegant Nest takes a simple approach to decorating. It doesn't take much money or time to make a vignette that honors the season. Break out the silver candle sticks and vessels and give them a polish. Add silver dollar  eucalyptus stems, curly willow, white pumpkins and pine cones. Don't forget to incorporate a dash of your favorite essential oils as a natural diffuser and spritz our Thanks or Harvest room spray to perfume, oh so lightly. Our signature fall candles and sprays, Thanks and Harvest blends, are the perfect fragrances to make your home smell like fresh-baked pumpkin Pie and warm, mulled cider. 

Never miss an opportunity to scent brand your retail space or home. Smell is the human body's strongest sense and we can take advantage of it by giving our guests and clients a sensation that makes them want to return, time and time again. Here's toasting a happy fall, y' you! 

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